The Steps of Making Victory Roll Hairstyle

best victory roll hairstyle for long thick hair in red copper color in formal eventHairstyles become the trending topic in women’s life to beautify their appearance. Are you looking for the new hairstyles? This is what you will find, the old hairstyles but it is still used by women for getting beautiful performance. The victory roll hairstyle is the 1940’s hairstyle which becomes favorite hairstyle in this era.

Many women like the new hairstyle; therefore they should know how to do hairstyling the hair to be better. This is the victory roll hairstyle tutorial which can be followed to make the victory hairstyle. The steps are such as, first you have to curl hair with using hot rollers like applying the rollers, pull out hot rollers and brush the hair curls lightly. Second, you have to make a pin curl use the setting lotion for the hair, begin the wash hair, comb the hair, wind the hair using your fingers.

Third, the next step of victory roll hairstyle is reversing side rolls with using the curling hair with iron, pull hair with ponytail, and tease the hair. The last is rat the hair. Those are the steps of making the victory hairstyle; you can follow the step of hairstyles. Therefore, you will get the best hairstyle.

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